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Far East

Ancient cities and bustling metropolises, dramatic landscapes, exotic cuisines, age- old traditions and charming people. Just some of the treasures of the Far East

South East Asia

A stunningly beautiful land where past, present and future blend harmoniously together. Southeast Asia has it all and never ceases to delight.

India & Indian Ocean

A mix of vibrant colourful cities, charming people and exotic scenery. Discover culture and history in this truly captivating part of the world.

Middle East

Colourful bazaars, rugged deserts, crusader castles, ruins of great civilizations and some of the world's most hospitable people make a truly exciting destination.


As immense as it is diverse; fascinating wild life, tribal villages, spectacular landscapes and glorious sunsets are all to be found in abundance.

Latin America

The steaming jungles of the Amazon, the majestic peaks of the Andes, the fashionable beaches of Rio and the undiscovered ice fields of Patagonia.